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Hola bandola, good people! Finally a new update, and what a great one as well. We are ready to go with a new release, and once again we have turned our heads to down-under-land, and found some amazing talent. This time around, Melbournian rock four-piece Paper Planes. Their debut 7” “You’re A Winner / Do It For The Kids” are sent to the pressing plant, and should be back within a few weeks. This band is such a great one, so you should all go out and get your copies. We will be back shortly with more info, biography and other stuff about the sensational Paper Planes…While you are waiting, you can all go to our myspace site, and become our friends. The address is obviously quite an easy one: Phew!

WOW! "Home of the Big Regret" by Nic Dalton (with the Gloomchasers Orchestra" is finally in our hands, and if a record has ever been worth a 3 month delay, it must be this one. Both sounds and looks amazing, we are extremely happy with the result. Available from the shopping page, and will soon be out in some record stores as well, so stay tuned for info on that

We are no longer experiencing a slight delay, but a delay beyond recognition on the Nic Dalton record! However the record WILL be out at some point, it's been held up at the pressing plant for a long, long time. The reason for this is still unknown for us, but our latest information tells us it will be in our hands on september 20th or thereabouts! Sorry for all the inconvenience and trouble, that's unfortunately the reality of vinyl pressing these days...

We are experiencing a slight delay with the Nic Dalton release, but we're still looking at early-to-mid July. In the meantime you can check out a great interview with Nic ( where he among other things talks about the upcoming album.

Welcome to the home of best unbeaten brother! After four troublesome years, the website is finally up and running, though still under heavy construction. To start things of, if not with a bang, at least with fantastic news; we will be releasing the new Nic Dalton album, the aussie pop-maestro we've been digging since the late 80's. This is some of Dalton's finest work to date, and with the assistance from the Gloomchasers Orchestra this sounds truly amazing. Think pop, think country, think whatever you like as long as you think brilliant. Out in june on 12" vinyl.