Lord Anthony - "Are You Always This Sunny?" 7" (bub01)

This fine piece of acoustic music from Lord Anthony was released back in 2001. Two beautiful haunting tracks recorded at My Sorry Life Studios, with Lord Anthony doing all the instrumentation and vocals. On maroon vinyl. NOK 30/$5

The Landlords - "Meant To Be" 10" (bub02)

3 extraordinary tracks from the electronic wizards of pop music. Released in 2003 this should have been an instant classic. Wrapped in some beautiful artwork by Espen Christiansen, this looks and sounds great. On black vinyl. NOK 50/$ 10

Nic Dalton with the Gloomchasers Orchestra - "Home Of The Big Regret" LP (bub03)

ND cover

Fantastic solo album by Nic Dalton, this country-pop extravaganza features the Gloomchasers Orchestra. This means some of the finest bluegrass musicians in Australia. No electric guitars, but quite a few banjos! Co-written with novelist Lucy Lehman, and truly being one of Nic Dalton's best work to date. Add one drummer from Mr.Bungle, members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and what do you get? An album you definitely shouldn't miss out on! NOK 100/$15

Paper Planes - "You're A Winner/ Do It For The Kids" 7" (bub04)

The title of this double sided single pretty much says it all. Except for the fact that the real winners are Paper Planes themselves. Two great songs showcasing the different aspects of Paper Planes. One so heavy and raw sounding, the other so melodic and downbeat itís almost as you wonít believe itís possible. Oh did we mention white vinyl? Ltd edition? Damn fine artwork? Well, now we didÖ NOK 50/$8