B i o g r a p h i e s

P a p e r P l a n e s
We are extremely pleased to have been able to add this dynamic four-piece to our roster. Highly talented, supersonic pop makers are quite a fitting description. Heavy, mellow, quiet and loud at the same time, that’s a pretty good achievement if you ask us. Check out their excellent homepage here, Paper Planes

L o r d A n t h o n y
Lord Anthony is the alter ego of Jonny Martinsen, a long time friend and collaborator of us here at best unbeaten brother. After stints in as diverse bands such as Consolation and Måkene, he decided to put out some of his excellent home recordings. After a brilliant demo-recording entitled "stupid girls, ugly boys" caught our attention, we were very pleased to release his first 7" back in 2001. Since then the Lord Anthony moniker has been put on a hiatus, while he is concentrating on his new band, Point Shirley

T h e L a n d l o r d s
The newest incarnation of collaborations between "sound-designer" Anders Hunstad and vocalist Sverre Rødseth. After doing their rock thing back in the band Ravana, this is a more eletronic orientated pathway for the two gifted musicians. Live the Landlords turns into a multi-headed beast, as a full 5 piece, so be sure to check out one of their gigs. Now working on their debut album, which will hopefully see the light of day real soon. Keep up with the progress on their website

N i c D a l t o n
Plunderers/Love Positions/Sneeze/Godstar and a whole bunch of others, just too damn many to mention. Mr. Nic Dalton certainly has been a busy bee over the last couple of decades. And still, this must be considered to be his proper solo debut! Not a day early if you ask us, we're still in heaven for being able to release this record. But is there anything we can say that haven't already been said about the man himself? Probably not, so go check out Nic's fantastic label, Half A Cow or Carolyn's mighty fine Sneeze site (not updated anymore we think, which is a shame).